How Hackers Hack WiFi Password On Android Phone Without Root In 2017

WiFi Password Hacker For Android (No Root): Wifi is commonly used by many android users worldwide, and it is available on almost all android mobile. Many friends ask me on facebook and emails about Hack Wifi Password In Android. I always try to give them useful methods which are used by me (just for educational purpose). There are many tutorials in the internet about Wifi hacking but many of us want one click wifi hacking method and they find very long procedures which requires your android phone to be rooted (which can harm your device). Hackers tries many applications to hack wifi, but here we will guide you to hack wifi by your own android device without much efforts.

How To Hack WIFI Password On Android 2017

We have listed top two methods which are used by many hackers worldwide. Here is the first method listed below. But before moving to the first method, read the disclaimer written below.

Disclaimer: These methods of wifi hacking are just for educational purpose. Our intention is not to harm you. If you try these methods in a wrong way for illegal purposes then we are not responsible for it  

What do you need for hacking wifi?

  • An android phone with good processor and RAM.
  • A good WiFi connection (which you want to hack).
  • And your android phone should be rooted (but without root will also work for you, that's the special thing about us).

Method #1 :  Hacking Wifi From Android Using AndroDumper (Without Root).

Features (Advantages & Disadvantages) : You can hack any wifi from this app but you can't download WPA2 enabled wifi. Special thing about this app is that you can hack wifi without rooting your android phone and it supports all version od android, if your device is rooted (Android 5.0 version is required for non rooted devices).
  • Download Androdumper Android app from Google Playstore.
  • If your android phone is not rooted or version of your android device is Lollipop 5.0 or above then this app only connect you with network. Means it would not show you password of wifi but still you can hack/use the wifi.
  • For android 4.4 users, you have to root your android phone to use this app and hack your wifi. If your device is not rooted then you cannot use this app. 
  • You just need to connect wifi through this app and yay!! you have hacked the wifi most probably. 

Method #2 : Hacking With WPA WPS Tester (Without Root).

  • Firstly, root your android device (not necessary, you can do it without root also). 
  • Download WPA2 WPS Tester from Google PlayStore. (Size is 3.4MB only)
Condition: It supports only latest versions of Android, Android 5.0 and Marshmallow. Keep your android device updated before downloading this application. 

  • Open the WPA/WPS App and press on the refresh button. If the app shows green icon on the wifi name, then it means that this app can hack that wifi. But if it shows red icon on the wifi name, then it means the wifi is protected by privacy and you would not be able to hack that wifi. Select green signal wifi.
  • Tap on automatic pin and pray that it could hack wifi password. It depends upon your luck, but most times this app works like charm.
  • Now, most probably you have hacked the Wifi in your android phone.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post about Hacking Wifi Password In Android (Without Root). But make sure that you don't use these tricks to do any illegal activites or else Next Tech Inspire don't take any responsibility. These tutorials are just for educational purposes only, so please treat it like that only. If you have any questions or querries regarding this post then feel free to comment here. 

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