11 Essential Tips To Improve The Perfromance Of Android Tablet

Why Is My Tablet So Slow? : Ever wondered why your Android tablet is running very slow? Like a normal Android Phone or Personal Computer, the tablet also gets running slow due to many different reasons like memory shortage and heavy files in the tablet. So, to prevent your tablet from getting slower, we have listed 11 useful tips below by which you can improve the performance of Android tablet very easily.

Improve The Performance Of Android Tablet

You must have been used your android tablet for lot of things. I also used my android tablet for gaming and browsing. But after many days of using it, I faced some issues like my tablet running slower. I did many research over the internet and found some ways by which I improve performance of my android tablet (Android Running Slow).

1. Remove Useless Applications: 
Every time when you download an application in your tablet, it takes up the memory. So, in order to improve your tablet's performance, you should uninstall useless applications which are not of your use. If your Tablet Running Slow then in this way you can make your tablet to run more fast.

2. Close Background Applications:
Like an android phone, tablet also gets slower when many background applications are opened. After using an application, you should close it. In this way your tablet will have more memory to run your different applications.

3. Avoid Heavy Applications:
Different applications have different sizes. Some are heavy applications and others are light applications. So before downloading any application in your android tablet, make sure that the application is worth downloading or not. Remember!! Only download useful applications because the apps will be saved in your tablet's memory, not in your SD Card and we know that tablet's memory is less than your SD Card.

4. Avoid Live Wallpapers:
You may find live wallpapers very beautiful and entertaining but actually they are making your tablet to run slow. It is always running in your background, even you are running any application. So, stay with normal wallpaper, it will make your tablet more faster and will save your battery also.

5. Stop Animations:
Just like the live wallpapers, animations also looks entertaining to our eyes but you don't have any idea how much it can reduce your tablet's performance. Deactivate animations in your tablet's settings and you will notice change in your tablet's performance.

6. Turn Off Maps:
When you open your tablet, the map application will be active especially when you are always connected to the internet. If you have GPS in your tablet then it would be worse. This will not only reduce your tablet's performance but also it will drain your battery. So, always turn off maps when not in use, it will surely save up your tablet's battery and the device will run more faster.

7. Update Your Android:
If you haven't updated your android to the latest version, then you should do it. Google always brings great improvements to all the new releases of its operating systems. It includes very useful updates which improve the performance of your android tablet and it becomes more user-friendly.

8. Use Applications Cleaner/Manager:
Such an application is much needed in your android tablet, some devices has an inbuilt application which clears the caches, boosts the speed of the device, delete browsing history and unnecessary files. It also informs you to delete useless apps in your tablet.

9. Update Apps :
You should regularly update the apps from Google Play Store because developers always fix the bugs present in the apps and releases an update of that app. Also the updated apps runs more faster than the old ones and it also makes your device to perform more faster and better.

10. Use High Speed Memory Card :
The memory card is the main storage space of your tablet. Devices with low internal memory can get a boost from high capacity memory cards for maximum storage space. Always go for memory cards of class 6 or class 10 for your android tablet if you seek performance for your device. So, in order to improve performance of your tablet. you should use high-speed memory card.

11. Factory Reset :
If your tablet is not working properly or system performance is reduced to zero and you have tried all the methods but still nothing is working for you, then you can do factory reset. Firstly backup all your data and go to settings > backup and reset > factory data reset. In this way your tablet will become new with no data as data will be deleted from the tablet and your device will be formatted. Make sure that you have took the backup of your data before doing this step.

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These 11 tips are tried by many users and personally tested by us. Many people ask me, "Why is my Samsung tablet so slow?" So my answer to this question is the above listed 11 tested tips. Try these simple tips and I hope your tablet's performance will improve. Do comment below if you have any questions related to this.

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